Kingsway High School Congratulates Outstanding Students

Kingsway High School Congratulates Outstanding Students

August 23, 2019 / Posted by Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affair & Religious Liberty

When Garcia Gordon graduated from Woodford Prep School to attend Kingsway High in in 2014, she had no idea that in five years, she would have walked away with top honors in her graduating class and break the record for the student leaving the school with the most subjects in its 76 year history.

On June 30, 2019 Garcia walked away from the Kingsway High School graduation with top honors coping 8 trophies and six certificates from the school as well as a one hundred thousand dollar scholarship   from Northern Caribbean University (NCU). 

On graduation day, she already had four CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Examination Council) subjects under her belt including, Spanish, French, Principles of Business and Mathematics which she took in fourth form.  The recent CSEC Examinations pushed her subject total to 12 but if the distinction she received in the City and Guild external English examination is included,  that number would actually be thirteen.

Garcia, whose mother is a teacher at the Woodford Preparatory   School not only excelled in academics at Kingsway High School but was also a model student. Her eight trophies included the EJC President’s Role of Honour, 2 - Most Outstanding Prefect, 3 - EJC Youth Ministries Award, 4 - EJC Publishing & Spirit of Prophecy Award for the most Disciplined Final Year Student, 5 - Most Outstanding Performance in Science, 6 – Most Outstanding Performance in Business, 7 - Student Who Exhibits Outstanding Performance in School Life Activities,  8- Most Outstanding Performance in Mathematics.

She also walked away with the coveted plaque reserved for the final year student who displays respect for peers and adults alike.

The top KWHS Student for 2019 is already registered at NCU for the 2019 – 2020 academic year and is set to begin pursuing her dreams of becoming an actuary.  

“I want to pursue actuarial sciences and become a mathematician,” Garcia said with a smile. “Just anything to do with mahs,” Garcia added. “And I want to minor in linguistics because I also love Spanish.”

When asked what was the secret of her success, Garcia responded, “make God first and he will direct your path, persevere and remain focused and you will achieve your goals.”  When asked if she was a book worm or if she considers herself brilliant, Garcia said, “I don’t consider myself brilliant but I just study and ask God to show me what I should study and I keep focused, persevere and work hard.”  

Garcia heads a list of students who did well in the recent CSEC Examinations at  Kingsway High School, the only  Adventist High School in Kingston.

Education Director in EJC  Dr. Donna Brown and School Principal Mrs. Alethia Williams are proud of the achievements of their students and congratulates them for being an inspiration to their peers and to others  who  hold the school in high esteem.  

Below is the list of the top seven passes from Kingsway High School for the 2019 Academic Year.   

Students Name

# of Subjects


Garcia Gordon   - Head Girl



Amanda Allen



Shevon Williams  - Deputy  Head Boy



Daniel Nugent  - Deputy  Head Boy



Dana Cousins -  Dept. Head Girl 



Adrian Gilroy



Shantavia  Randall




Congratulations to Josuah DiCarlo,   a grade 4 student, who was successful in CSEC Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM).

Congratulations also to D’lajauni Williams and Brittney Latouche, two grade 8 students who received 3 and 2 subjects respectively at the CSEC level.