Kingsway Brings Sweet Treat to Sorrowing Students

Kingsway Brings Sweet Treat to Sorrowing Students

October 31, 2019 / Posted by Dyhann Buddoo-Fletcher, Administrative Assistant to the Presiden

Eyes widened, and hands clapped when the Kingsway High School Principal, Alethia Williams, unveiled a box of ice-cream during a recent visit to the St. Richard's Preparatory School, grade No. 622. The class consisting of approximately 40 students enjoyed the sweet treat which was a part of Kingsway's Kindness and Generosity week celebration that brought a team to encourage and brighten the students who were met with the sad news weeks before, that pit bulls mauled their class teacher.

 "Three or four weeks ago, something happened to your teacher," said Dr. Donna Brown, Education Director of the East Jamaica Conference, who addressed the class and its substitute teacher Mrs. Ushauna Jackson-Walters. "As a nation, not just Kingsway, we felt the pain, because we are one nation. And if someone in our nation is not happy, we are going to sympathize with that person." 

The Kingsway team consisting of seven grade six students, their Principal, Vice Principal, and the Education Director of the East Jamaica Conference were in high spirits. They had the St. Richard's class participating in singing choruses. A short devotional thought and prayer were offered, all in support of the students as they prepared for their Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination in 2020.

The Head Girl for Kingsway, Kaela Nugentsaid, "With your teacher in the hospital, we are here to support you and to encourage you in these difficult moments."

"We want to ensure that your mind is at peace so that you can think and focus on your schoolwork, added Mr. Delroy Turgott, Vice Principal, who gave the devotional thought to the class. "When a situation happens to us in this life, we are never left without a word of comfort from the One who knows best how to comfort us."

"Do you know who that one is? Asked Mr. Turgott. "Yes, sir, God!" Came the response from the students. "Yes, Jesus Christ Himself says in Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee." 

Mr. Turgott continued, "Every time disappointment comes in our lives, God has a greater plan to work things out." 

With that, the students raised their hands in commitment, that with God's help, they will work hard and make their teacher, who is hospitalized, Mrs. Hunter-Wright, proud of their excellent efforts.

After a St. Richard's student gave the vote of thanks, and when they thought it was all over, Principal Williams asked an unexpected question, "We brought a little treat, can we share our ice-cream with you?" "Yes, miss!" The class responded, and with that, a buzz of excitement, giggles, laughter, and smiles swept over their faces.

While enjoying their treat, the students told how much they loved and missed their teacher Mrs. Hunter-Wright.

"Miss, when I heard what happened to my teacher, I cried," said one student. Another added, "I cried too, Miss. I felt sad when I heard the news about my teacher, and I continue to pray for her."

The students told how they responded in sympathy, with gifts and get-well cards. When asked what more they would want to say, they yelled in a chorus, "We love you, Mrs. Hunter-Wright! Get well soon."

Kingsway team left feeling happy that they were able to bring cheer to the teachers and their fellow PEP candidates at St. Richard's Primary School.