Kingsway Brings Sweet Treat to Sorrowing Students

October 31, 2019
Eyes widened, and hands clapped when the Kingsway High School Principal, Alethia Williams, unveiled a box of ice-cream during a recent visit to the St. Richard's Preparatory School, grade No. 622. The…

Kingsway High School Congratulates Outstanding Students

August 23, 2019
When Garcia Gordon graduated from Woodford Prep School to attend Kingsway High in in 2014, she had no idea that in five years, she would have walked away with top honors in her graduating class and br…

Ministry of Education Representative Lauds Kingsway Prep & High School for Outstanding Results

January 25, 2019
Registrar for the Independent Schools Unit in the Ministry of Education Youth and Information, Sharon Hunt, gave a “thumbs up” to the Kingsway Prep. & High School, during the school’s annual Founder’s…